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Our company directors at Under Stairs Storage Limited have been involved in bespoke fitted furniture solutions for both domestic / residential & commercial customers for over 30 years. Every project we complete is different & each installation is controlled by our head office & your personal project manager. From the initial consultation to the practical completion of your under stairs storage installation we manage & deliver a first class service unrivalled within our industry today.

We offer a nationwide service throughout the United Kingdom & try to simplify our process to keep it efficient, affordable & cost effective for all customers with varying budget constraints.

By making use of the electronic age, we can reduce & avoid many company costs that were present in years gone by. Our expertise in dealing with domestic households & each households personal requirements stands us aside from perceived under stairs storage competitors.

Our prices are very reasonable & affordable based on the installation work involved & our lifetime guarantee. The parts / materials that we specify & use are of the highest grade & quality available globally for the part they play in each under stairs storage installation.

Why ALL Under Stairs Storage Companies are NOT the Same!

10 things you should check regarding the supplier & specification of your under stairs storage furniture before proceeding with a random under stairs storage supplier / installer!

Actions speak louder than words!


1) Drawer depth;


Our drawers are 780mm deep, most companies offer 600mm & will go to 700mm for an extra charge per drawer. We offer 780mm as standard, how can you not use as much of the customers space as possible? Surely this is not a clever way to plan under stairs storage!

2) Drawer front / door front raw materials used;​


We use HDF (High Density Fibreboard) this is the "Rolls Royce" of the MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) family, It is 18mm thick & moisture resistant which gives it strength & longevity as a front facia material. Our under stair storage drawer fronts & tallboy door fronts / facias are all hand sprayed in our manufacturing facility. You should beware of cheap door / door facias that are made from MFC as they will not provide a great aesthetic finish or look of quality. MFC or melamine faced chipboard is ideal for the carcass or internal material construction but is considered cheap for a door facia & was fazed out in the late 1980's by kitchen & bedroom manufacturers due to sprayed finishes offering higher quality appearance.

3) Carcass material behind the doors / drawer fronts;


We use high density 18mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). High density board is important as screws will stay in it for longer & not work themselves loose with usage. Low density boards are cheap & companies using low density make huge profits by offering low retail pricing! This is as hard wearing as a laminate floor. In fact, it is the same material used to face laminate flooring & is where the laminate floor market sprung into life from. MFC has been used behind kitchen & bedroom doors since the mid 1970's. This means it is ultra hard wearing & can be cleaned with a chemical without fear of damaging the surface material. The density of our boards is high which means screws and fixings will stay in their place for longer when compared to cheap alternatives. Buyer beware of people selling solutions based on price!

4) Drawer Runners;


Our selection of drawer runners is quite unique. We ONLY use the best quality under stairs storage drawer runners available globally. This includes TOP unrivalled brands such as Accuride & Blum. We offer "push to open" without handles, "soft close" with handles & even "push to open" with a combined "soft close" mechanism. They will hold anywhere from 45kgs to 70kgs subject to the ones you select. We can also offer runners which will hold up to 500kgs! We also offer different colour runners to match your interior carcass. The runners we use are guaranteed for their lifetime & you should question the brand being supplied by the company you select.

5) Door Hinges;


Our door hinges are also available with either combined "push to open" mechanisms or "soft close" operation. Again, we only use the highest quality hinges that we know from decades of experience will last the lifetime of the furniture.

6) Pull out coat rails;


How much weight will your pull out coat rail hold? Ours will hold up to 45kgs. Check this information before you find your coats on the floor of your tallboy unit one morning! We pioneered these under the stairs based on how well they preserve space in a tallboy cupboard area and leave space for ironing boards, hoovers and other upright items. No more hunting through the coats to find the ironing board!

7) TrustPilot Reviews;


Check your chosen suppliers TrustPilot reviews. Do they have a TrustPilot account? You can visit ours here

8) Insurance to work in your home;


Does the company you are selecting have the correct insurances in place to carry out such works in your home? These must include Public Liability Insurance!

9) Planning & Design Service;


Has the company you contacted taken the time to draw your installation to scale & consider ALL the different design options available to you in order to maximise not only the space you have available but the efficiency of how that space will work for you based on your daily usage & lifestyle. A survey is not the answer for you, it is simply a clever route into your home for someone to direct sell to you in your home and create face to face rapport! Do not just accept a quote that does not specify the raw materials being used, the thickness of these & the full size breakdown of the units you are purchasing! Again, buyer beware of cheap imitation under stairs storage solutions that you will be forever trying to get the supplier back to fix. Good luck trying to get hold of them whilst they are busy selling to the next consumer who has not done their homework on what they are buying.

10) The Guarantee!


We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! That's correct! "LIFETIME"

Our furniture will stand in place for longer than we believe you will either own or live in your home. You will rip it out before it falls out! We expect our LIFETIME GUARANTEE to offer at least 20 years of care & considerate usage. If you look after our furniture with care of usage it will last a LIFETIME along with the components! If they don't, we will replace them! Ask your supplier about their guarantee (if they have one!)


Our Chosen Charity to Support is

Great Ormond Street Hospital (informally GOSH or Great Ormond Street, formerly the Hospital for Sick Children) is a children's hospital located in the Bloomsbury area of the London Borough of Camden, and a part of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust. 

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