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Under Stairs Storage


We have listed the most frequently asked questions we get asked about our under stairs storage solutions below.


If you have any other under stairs storage questions please feel free to contact us using our contact form

  • What makes your product different to other Under Stairs Storage products or companies?
    We have over 30 years experience of supplying & installing fitted furniture into peoples homes within the UK. The experience we bring to the Under Stairs Storage marketplace is derived from bespoke Kitchen, Bedroom & Home Office manufacture & installations. Our products are made bespoke for you & tailored to your home & the measurements it dictates. We do not simply slot a pre made flatpack system into the space you have available. The best part of our stairs storage solutions is the depth of our drawers. They go back 780mm deep & the average stair depth is 850mm. We leave a small 70mm space behind our installations so as not to interferer with walls & the possible movement of walls when houses settle over time. We will also reduce this drawer depth if you need us to. Most other companies will only offer 600mm deep drawers & some will go to 700mm & charge you extra for that! We use 780mm as standard! The fitted furniture carcass we use for the interior of your units is made from high density & high quality MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard, it is 18mm thick & all your drawers and panels leading edges are all edged & no edges that are seen are left raw. Our door and drawer facias / fronts are made from 18mm (moisture resistant) HDF which is High Density Fibreboard. Most Under Stairs Storage companies will use MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard. Our door & drawer facias / fronts are all hand painted with a minimum of two undercoats of primer and a soft (20%) satin sheen final 3rd top coat. We offer fully top coated finishes unlike other understairs storage providers. We can offer you any British standard RAL colour or even match paint to any item you supply for us to match the colour from. You should not be limited to just a white finish for your Under Stairs Storage solution. We also offer Shaker styled door and drawer fronts / facias along with Tongue and Grooved. We offer different types of handles for soft close doors / drawers & mainly offer push to open mechanisms across our Accuride runner range. We also offer different types of hinges for our cupboards such as "push to open" & "soft close hinge" mechanisms. We offer a lifetime guarantee which is unrivalled within our industry. You should question any company offering a short term guarantee on a product that has very few working parts! This can mean that the quality of the raw materials specified or the installation detail are questionable over time.
  • Do you offer a product guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our Under Stairs Storage Solutions. This means that reasonable* care should be taken when using your furniture but any failings in fixtures, fittings & the furniture itself that are not caused by general "Wear and Tear" or abusive use will fall under our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. For example, if a runner fails and it has not been overloaded when inspected by the manufacturer, that replacement runner would be covered under the LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If your child or a member of your family marks or damages a painted door or carcass part or general wear and tear has occurred through usage, that replacement or repainting would not be covered. If you sell your home your guarantee does not pass on to the new owner. We will honour your guarantee for as long as you live in your home, as long as you were the original purchaser of our furniture. You should question the quality of any other Under Stairs Storage Company products that come with no guarantee or a guarantee of less than ours. After all, any fitted furniture should be expected to last for at least 15 years with reasonable care of use.
  • Do you offer a National Installation Service?
    Yes, we offer a national service within the United Kingdom.
  • What measurements do you need from me to be able to assist further?
    1) We need the rise of your stairs which is the height from the floor to the underside of your highest step marked "A" on the illustration below. 2) We also need the width of your stairs run or opening (where the storage will be installed) which is marked "B" on the illustration below. 3) A picture of the area above "B" in the illustration below which will show us what your stairs run / opening currently looks like now. That is all we need, once you have submitted the contact form (available at the bottom of each page of this website) we will request these details from you.
  • How long does it take to install my under stairs storage?
    It can take from half a day to 2 full days to complete most installations. The average install time is 1 working day. We start between 8am and 9am in the morning & usually finish the same day by 6pm or 8pm. Some more detailed installations can run into 2 or 3 days but all this is confirmed before you place an order.
  • What colour or finishes are available for my new under stairs storage?
    We offer any painted colour finish that can be taken from a "British Ral" colour chart. We can even scan an item you send us and match that colour. There are extra costs for special colours & white (flat fronted) satin matt top coated hand painted HDF door / drawer fonts / facias are what we use as a standard entry level product. We also offer veneer finishes to match any existing staircase or furniture you currently have installed. If you require a special door / drawer style frontage / facia to be manufactured such as Shaker or Tongue & Grooved, we can also do this.
  • What weight will the drawer units under my stairs be able to support or hold?
    It is recommended that you do not place more than 50kgs of weighted items into one of our drawer units. This is what our runners are guaranteed to hold. However, in certain circumstances we are informed of items that a customer wishes to store that may be above and beyond these limits so we can provide storage solutions that hold up to 200kgs plus. We just need to understand your budget & requirements to assist accordingly.
  • What do I do about my current wall or plasterboard facia under my stairs?
    We will remove any plasterboard wall / facia currently under your stairs. If we find at point of digital survey that your wall is load-bearing or structural / brick, we will insist that you get a builder to quote for the removal. Once we have digitally surveyed your existing arrangement we can advise accordingly.
  • What if I have a gas meter, toilet, telephone box or boiler beneath my stairs?"
    We are experienced in working around current services you may have under your stairs. Some are redundant & have been left in place & some need access ongoing. Whichever is the case in your home, we can work around these to make sure they are hidden whilst still allowing access to those which will need it in the future. All our storage solutions are tailor made & bespoke which allows for these situations to be easily managed. You must understand that the greater detail required for installation due to items having to be worked around can increase the cost of the installation part of the project. Anything is usually possible from our experience but sometimes comes at a cost that the consumer has not considered. We will advise you accordingly from our decades of experience about the correct process to take within your particular home to achieve a sound and quality installation whilst also dealing with unexpected or visible obstructions.
  • What if my stairs have a bend at the end (kite winder stairs)?
    Some stairs turn at the end (kite winder stairs) as you come down or go up them. Again, all our under stairs storage solutions are bespoke & tailor made so once we have details of your stairs & the measurements we can create a solution that will fit your particular project.
  • How much do you charge for your under stairs storage solutions?
    The cost of our bespoke fitted under stair storage solutions can vary subject to what colour & sizes you require the furniture finished in & what type of raw material specification you wish to specify for the project. If you require a veneered finish or specially manufactured drawer or door front / facia, that detail of specification can also increase the cost. If you have a very large or unusual stair case, it is not uncommon for our installations to run into the thousands of £'s. Some of our customers have very detailed requirements where we have to match door / drawer finishes to existing furniture & these installations can also require a lot of structural work under the stairs. These projects have been known to cost considerably more. Every installation is different to the other but if you send us a picture of your stairs along with simple measurements, we can then fact find and ascertain your internal storage requirements & offer you an accurate estimation of cost without any obligation to buy or proceed further. Please note: We are NOT a flatpack provider who puts standard ready made items under your stairs. We are the ONLY bespoke under stairs storage solutions provider operating Nationally within the UK. There are other well known fitted bedroom companies that are trying their hand at offering under stairs storage solutions but they are NOT under stair storage specialists solely offering under stairs storage Nationally throughout the UK and are usually always more expensive than ourselves on a like for like basis. Any fitted furniture company can offer you their standard modular bespoke bedroom or kitchen units but this is not specialist under stairs storage furniture, please remember that when comparing solutions available. The market is very limited for the consumer and most local joiners dislike these projects because they struggle with them, something that is only identified after you have placed your order and it is too late to turn the decision back. We get many calls from consumers who have had problem jobs fitted and we simply are not able (with our work) load to solve problem jobs other companies / joiners have attempted to supply or fit, it is much better to start again with a fresh canvas and rip out the problem job, however costly the consumer may find this to be!
  • What are your payment terms & do you offer any finance options?
    Our payment terms are very simple. We require a 30% manufacturing deposit when you place your order & we do not book or schedule installation dates until a deposit is paid in full. The outstanding balance of 70% falls due (& is expected to be paid) upon practical completion of your installation once our installers have left your home. If you cancel your order once we have placed your project into production the deposit becomes non-refundable. However, if we can re-use the materials specified for your order on another project we will refund your deposit minus a nominal 15% re-stocking fee based on the deposit value. YOUR DEPOSIT IS SAFELY KEPT IN A CLIENT HOLDING ACCOUNT WITH OUR BANKERS. IF ANYTHING NEGATIVE HAPPENS TO OUR COMPANY WHILST HOLDING YOUR DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IS SAFE & YOU WILL GET IT BACK IN FULL. PLEASE ASK FOR WRITTEN DETAILS SHOULD YOU WISH THIS TO BE CONFIRMED IN WRITING Yes, we do offer finance solutions, please ask your project manager at the point to explain & show you our finance options available.
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