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There are many different types of interior solutions available for your under stairs storage!

There are so many different solutions available for the internals of your under stairs storage. We can offer bespoke solutions to suit each individual or offer you standard solutions such as shoe racks, iron board cupboards, book shelves, golf club storage, coat hanging storage, umbrella stands & lighting etc....


Just speak with your project manager & explain what your personal storage requirements are & let us do the work in creating your specially tailored & bespoke under stairs storage solution.

Under Stairs Storage Shaker Door Style
Under Stair Storage Solution
Shaker Style Under Stairs Storage

Everyone is indiviudal

Regardless what you need to store away we have under stairs storage solutions to de-clutter your hallway & home. Choose from Shaker style, Tongue & Groove or Flat Panel door styles along with our colour matching solutions.

From traditional shaker styles to modern

Each house is different along with each persons taste, we will tailor our under stairs storage solutions to your home & lifestyle with Shaker, Tongue & Groove or Flat Panel door styles.

Under Stairs Storage Installers & Fitters in the UK
Under Stair Storage Solutions
Under Stairs Storage Solutions
Under Stairs Storage Drawers Cupboard
Stairs Storage

Under Stairs Storage Space Created

Most busy homes have so many items to tuck away you will be amazed at how discreet your under stairs stored items become.

Under Stairs Display & Decorative Storage

Not everyone has a busy home & some people just wish to add value creating extra under stairs storage space be it decorative or simply for display purposes.

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