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Be Clever, Create Space & Tidy Up Storage Under Your Stairs!

Updated: Jan 2

Are you fed up with the kids creating a mess when dumping their school bags, trainers and general loose items under your stairs?

Embarrassed when guests visit as this untidy waste of space is directly facing people entering your hallway?

Struggling to find a clever way to tidy the space up under the stairs?

Allow us to design your very own "Hall of Fame"!

If this problem resonates with you then consider our Under Stairs Storage Solutions. From design to installation we have it covered. We start by taking your under stair measurements, we then ask for a picture of your stairs and from there we design and build a tailor-made, bespoke solution that will tidy up the space you are tired of seeing daily.

Shoes, hoovers, ironing boards and kids bags are just a number of items that are usually at the top of most households lists that need to be stored, hidden and tidied up by housing them in new and clever, under stairs storage / fitted furniture.

We will design your furniture around your home, we do not simply slot in standard modular units that are pre made in our factory to stock. There are many differences between under stairs storage companies in the UK and you should spend the time asking companies that quote you what materials you are actually being offered. We use 18mm thick HDF (High Density Fibreboard) with a melamine back for all our doors and drawer fronts. This is not the normal standard MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) offered and used by most under stairs storage companies. Melamine backed HDF costs more at source as a raw material and offers you a higher density of board with a substantial rigid backing that will keep your doors and drawer fronts straighter over time and reduce the chance of bowing caused from humidity and changes in temperature. We offer colour matching options to any well known paint manufacturer swatch such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux and Valspar to name a few, we will even match to any British RAL Colour or even your favourite T-Shirt. Our hard wearing and sealed 18mm melamine carcass material even has finished exposed edges to match the carcass colour. It is sourced from top grade factories which we have sound relationships with dating back over 30 years. This ensures our supply and helps us pass on excellent "value for money" to you the consumer in what is often an inflated market place with regards to retail pricing.

It often astounds us to hear that under stairs storage companies do not detail what is being sold on their invoices to customers. They simply state "three drawers and a door" or "6 drawers and a double door". This is not the case here at

We are proud to detail to you what you are buying and what we intend to install, we want you to know the detail as we are not trying to sell you low quality materials at inflated prices. When you compare our offering you should notice the reason we are able to offer you a "Lifetime Guarantee" on your Under Stairs Storage solution. Beware of limited guarantees! Why would a company not stand by what they offer for longer than say 1 or 2 years? Would it be clever to deal with such an under stair storage company?

We think it is clever to use most of the space under your stairs, that is why we researched that the average residential stair depth in the UK is 88cm or 880mm. Our standard drawer depth is 780mm! Not 600mm and not 700mm, this creates greater use of the space you need to tidy up!

We offer our under stairs storage solutions to people who want to tidy up their under stairs wasted space, simply fill out our contact form or call us now using freephone 0800 018 3345 and one of our trained design consultants will contact you back at your convenience. There is no obligation to proceed and you can rest assured that we do not employ direct sales tactics. The price we quote is the price you will pay, no more and no less. We will not call you back one week later after quoting a project and try and "drop close" you by offering a further reduced quotation price based on a special offer or promotion. We are simply trustworthy! So be clever when obtaining quotations for Under Stairs Storage and select a company you can trust to tidy up the space under your stairs.

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