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Navigating Costs Of Under Stairs Storage Solutions in the UK

Updated: Jan 9

Under stairs storage solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years, transforming wasted space into aesthetically pleasing and practical areas in UK homes. As with any home improvement project, understanding the associated costs is crucial. This article aims to unravel the various costs linked with under stairs storage, keeping a sharp focus on both bespoke and flatpack products.

1. Flatpack Under Stair Storage Solutions Available in the General Marketplace:

Flatpack under stairs storage solutions are undeniably a cost-efficient choice for homeowners conscious about budget. A typical flatpack unit or installation, accommodating to the pre-existing dimensions of staircases, usually costs anywhere from £500 to £1500, offering a range of functional storage solutions / options. Though assembly is often required, the step-by-step guides ensure it remains a manageable project even for DIY novices.

Under Stairs Storage Limited does NOT offer flatpack solutions, we are bespoke only.

2. We ONLY Provide Bespoke Under Stairs Storage Solutions:

For those seeking a perfect fit and unique design, bespoke under stairs storage solutions are an ideal choice. Custom-made designs can range into the many thousands of pounds dependent on material, complexity, size and labour cost. This investment offers a seamless blend with your home interior and tends to enhance property value.

3. Hidden Expenses:

While considering budget, it's essential to account for the hidden costs of under stairs storage solutions. For flatpack furniture, this includes tools required for assembly. Whereas, bespoke under stair storage solutions incur design consultation, material selection, and installation costs. Don't overlook these aspects when calculating your budget.

4. The Role of Material:

Materials significantly impact the cost of your under stairs storage solution. Popular choices include MDF (an affordable option), solid wood like oak or pine (more expensive), or a blend of both. Throw in finish, paint, varnish, or upholstery, and your cost can either stay within budget or soar.

5. The Complexity of the Project:

Under stair storage solutions can range from simple shelving units to intricate pull-out drawers, wine racks, coat storage or even hidden rooms. The more complex the design, the higher the cost.

Deciding between flatpack and bespoke under stairs storage solutions largely boils down to budget and personal preferences. While flatpack solutions offer affordability and convenience, bespoke storage with a lifetime guarantee contributes significantly to home aesthetics and value. Whichever route you decide to take, ensure to factor in all associated costs to make a well-informed decision. After all, under stairs storage is not just a practical addition, but also a style statement for your home.


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